Advertising Hints and Tips

  1. If you are posting on the Bayside Community Hub or Beaumaris Community Hub, don’t forget to include the phrase “Admin Approved” at the start of your advertisement, or it may be removed.
  2. The best time to advertise is between 5pm and 8pm on a weeknight. This is when the Hubs are most active, and when your post is most likely to be seen. The Hubs are a lot quieter on the weekend, and you risk your post fading into oblivion! Saturdays are ok between 10am and 3pm, but Saturday nights and all day Sunday are pretty dead on the Hub.
  3. Remember, you are posting on Social Media, not print media. Posting an advertisement suitable for print media will not necessarily be effective on Social Media. The key word is “Social” so remember to inject some warmth, personality and humour into your post, whilst still remaining professional.
  4. If at all possible, don’t upload a word or PDF document to the post for your advertisement. It is much more effective to convert it to a JPG file and choose the “Add Photo” option, as it can then be seen directly on the Hub without people needing to open the file. The following tool will help you convert a PDF to JPG very easily Convert PDF to JPG Tool.
  5. Posts disappear quickly on the Hub due to the amount of traffic we have. It is always a good idea to post in a way that will encourage interaction to keep boosting your post to the top. For example, if you are running a competition, make sure you ask people to comment on the post, not just to “like” it.
  6. People will only spend about 10 seconds reading a post at most, so make sure you haven’t included too much text or they won’t read it!
  7. Pretend every advertisement you post is costing you $300. Make every post amazing, and don’t waste the opportunity to advertise on our fantastic Hub groups!
  8. Social Media is a very visual tool. Great images will captivate your audience quickly, and keep their focus on your post so they read it rather than skipping past it.