Authentic Pilates Melbourne

Authentic Pilates Melbourne is a boutique Pilates Studio conveniently located in the central shopping strip of Hampton Street.

At APM, we practice the original method of Pilates as created by Joseph Pilates. Authentic Pilates practices movement from a strong centre with a dynamic two-way stretch. It uses flexion, extension, oppositional forces and correct alignment. It addresses structural alignment, reinforces positive postural habits, improves blood circulation, boosts muscle power and builds endurance.

In a session of authentic Pilates, you will develop a long flexible spine, a strong stable core, and long, lean limbs. You will train your body to engage your “powerhouse” and to find your centre to move in every direction a body can move – but with control. Training your body this way takes the exercise out of the Studio and into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating lifelong mobility.

All sessions at APM use a combination of the classical Pilates apparatus: Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, Barrels and the Mat Work.

We offer:
Small Group Classes: a maximum of 4 so we can truly focus on the needs of our clients and ensure you are executing the exercises correctly for maximum benefit to your body.
Private Classes: to focus on your own personal needs and goals in a class tailored especially for you.

Come and check out our beautifully appointed Studio with state of the art classical apparatus from New York, fully certified Authentic Pilates Instructors and a community passionate about their classical Pilates!

Contact: Michaela Brown
Phone: 0412 513 955

Special Offer

New Client Offer: 1 Initial Consultation, 1 Private Session and 1 Group session. Only $100 – over 50% off!
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