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Why Barrett? We help people and businesses sell better faster, now and sustainably into the future.

Est. 1995, Barrett is a business consulting and education firm specialising in human-centered and sustainable Sales and Business Growth Strategies, Systems, Processes and Practices.

As sales and business growth specialists working across the B2B and B2C private and public sectors and in not for profit and government space in both Australian and overseas markets, we combine a human-centred sales ethos with state-of-the-art, adaptive sales strategies, education and systems to help you and your teams improve sales and service results, culture and customer experience now and sustainably into the future.

We live by the philosophy that selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.

Here are some of the services to help you Sell Better Faster

Audit and benchmark your business & sales system
Audit, develop and implement viable sales strategies
Analyse and define viable sales market segments
Define & deliver competitive value propositions making it easier to demonstrate ‘Why Us’

Develop & map codified sales processes & tools to drive consistent, sustainable behaviours and KPIs
Design and embed leadership & coaching frameworks
Integrate CRM touchpoints into your sales process
Show teams ‘How we sell & service around here’

Assess and select the right people for your business
Help everybody overcome any sales call reluctance
Induct, train, coach and lead teams to sell better faster
Access 100+ topics in contemporary sales, service & leadership practices customised to your business
Combine classroom, remote, in-field & online learning to help teams achieve true sales mastery and results
Embed 70:20:10 perpetual learning environment to help people consistently sell & lead better faster

Enhance & protect your hard-earned reputation by building and leading sales and service teams, and human-centred business cultures that skilfully attract & retain more of the clients & employees you want

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Sue Barrett
Phone: 0411 416 871


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