Bay Hand Therapy

Bay Hand Therapy
3a Keys Street, Beaumaris, Victoria, 3193

Specialising in the treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions.

What is hand therapy?

It is specialized care by an occupational therapist who has undertaken specific training and practice of the hand and upper limb. This allows them to assess, manage and treat disorders and diseases in these areas of the body like:

  • arthritis
  • sporting injuries
  • fractures, joint injuries and dislocations
  • tennis elbow and other soft tissue injuries
  • nerve compression disorders such as carpel tunnel syndrome
  • De Quervain’s syndrome
  • management of wounds, scars, burns and skin grafts/flaps
  • congenital hand conditions

How can a hand therapist help?​

A hand therapist can provide treatment and management using physical methods such as exercise for strength and movement, splinting and wound care.

These include:

  • fabrication of an orthotic appliance (splint)
  • prescribe exercises for strength and rehabilitaiton
  • post surgical management
  • pain management

Hand therapy is vital in recovering from hand and wrist injuries and rehabilitation from hand surgery.

Phone: 9589 2465

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