Bayside Eyecare

Bayside Eyecare has been servicing the needs of Melbourne’s bayside community since 1999.

Our team of professionals led by owner and Behavioural Optometrist Rebecca Jamieson provides an independent approach where the type of spectacle lens or contact lenses recommended is not driven by brand but the best outcome for clients.

Rebecca is a third generation bayside health-care provider and has developed an enviable reputation within the local community.

Her detailed and methodical approach enables her to deliver optimum results for all patients.

Rebecca, who has post graduate training in behavioral optometry, has also forged a Melbourne-wide reputation for the needs of children’s vision and vision related learning difficulties.

Bayside Eyecare offers assessment and in- office vision therapy for binocular vision problems, amblyopia (lazy eyes) and vision information processing difficulties.

Our optometrists recommend myopia control techniques to slow down the development of short sightedness in children.

Bayside Eyecare uses the latest equipment including visual field testing, retinal photography and OCT while our optometrists can diagnose and prescribe medications for common eye conditions such as allergic conditions, uveitis and glaucoma.

Extensive experience with fitting contact lenses including myopia control lenses and multifocal contact lenses (for reading problems) also forms part Bayside Eyecare’s services.

Phone: 9596 1238

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