Bayside Pool Man

Bayside Pool Man

Bayside Pool Man is owned and operated by me Simon Forsyth.

I am a fully experienced pool technician who has owned or worked for pool shops and pool builders in the Melbourne region for over 20years.

Recently I’ve decided to strike out on my own and provide the type of swimming pool service to the bayside community that’s been hard to find with the local areas pool shops.

For customers who have recently or are planning to purchase new swimming pool equipment and thought they would prefer to purchase online but were worried about the installation they need look no further as I am happy to install any pool equipment with a rock solid guarantee on the quality of my workmanship.

I can also supply and fit any pool equipment needed at a discounted price due to low overheads and a strong sense of what is fair.

Contact: Simon Forsyth
Phone: 0418 356 664

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