Be Kind 2 You – Mindset Coaching with Natalie

MINDSET Coaching – what is it?

To change or create anything in life, you first need to be conscious of what you are doing now. The mind is the MOST powerful tool and learning how to have deliberate thoughts will create the changes you need to live the life you want.

Everyone needs a coach – even if that coach is you.

Each day we have over 60,000 thoughts but the brain cannot focus on everything, so it prioritises our thoughts on what appears to be the most important.

Learn how to change that focus on what you actually want and grow a strong, confident MINDSET to live a life only the brave dare to do.

We each have the most powerful tool in the world sitting right up top – it’s time to use it YOUR advantage.


1. One on One Mindset Coaching with Natalie. 4 session booking (all done via Skype or Mobile) – where we explore your pain point, giving you the skills to change thought patterns, feel the way you want to feel and take massive action.

2. Braving Self Care Online Course. This is a 12 module online course exploring all areas of life to develop a growth mindset and to achieve the thinking required to get you results.

3. Braving Friendship School Program. This program develops a deeper understanding of the importance of connections, especially with ourselves. The program assists children and young adults to develop a greater understanding of what is involved in real friendships.

One of the most influential areas in a child’s life are the friends they surround
themselves with, yet very little is taught about the significance of these connections.

4. Mental Strength Conditioning. This is a sports-based program designed to change a teams culture into a growth culture, focusing on mindfulness, increased ability, understanding failing is not failure and learning to back yourself.

Contact: Natalie McNamara
Phone: 0404 848 964

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