Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

Beauty comes from both inside AND the outside….just as the skin does, and hormones, stress and digestive issues affect how our skin looks and also how we feel about ourselves.

Better Body Beauty offers facials, massage & wellness consultations to give you results with more energy, more radiance and looking good… Come and enjoy a non-invasive, natural solution for lifting years from your face – a result driven facial using vitamins, hyaluronic acid and infused with pure Oxygen in a gentle, relaxing massage, that Hollywood star’s rave about to dramatically lift, instantly firm and plump your skin….

Or experience a tailored holistic Aromatherapy massage to help de-stress, unwind or work out tension from tight muscles…

With over 25 years in the beauty and wellness industries, Vicky Jamieson has a passion for serving women who have been too busy looking after everyone else, teaching wellness practices to maintain your results at home & nutritional advise focused on anti-ageing and less stress.

Contact: Vicky Jamieson
Phone: 0427 719 889

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