BeWell Balanced

BeWell Balanced is a Nutrition, Health and Wellness coaching service that can assist you with any areas of concern in your life relating to health, nutrition, meal planning, wellbeing, lifestyle, mindset, keeping active and finding a balance in your life.

It’s about being Holistically healthy, happy and well! I believe in Food as Medicine and how our thoughts and feelings can affect our health and wellbeing. The aim is for you to BeWell Balanced.

I work with both Teenagers and Adults and am happy to chat about how I can help you before making the appointment.

I have been a Nutrition and Health coach for over 3 years with experience in all areas mentioned. I am very passionate about helping people establish healthy lifestyles and find true inner happiness and balance all in a friendly, warm and supportive manner.

Contact: Catherine Gemetzis
Phone: 0414 929 106

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