Bradly & Co

Bradly & Co are a boutique Brighton based real estate firm. We’re a senior team with over 50 years experience who specialise in selling premier residential blocks, and luxury townhouses and apartments.

We spend every day working with developers, town planners, architects and builders to help them find premier sites. With our extensive experience in Bayside town planning we’re able to provide homes owners with expert advice on how to gain the best possible price for their property and then connect them with our extensive database.

We then partner with developers and builders to sell their beautiful luxury apartments and townhomes off the plan or completed.

If you own a large undercapitalised property, and would like an appraisal please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new apartment or townhome, we can connect you to stunning projects currently in development just walking distance to the train, shop and the bay.

Contact: Simone Howell
Phone: 0419 542 978

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