Bridgit Rouget – Naturopath

Bridgit has grown up in the bayside area and is a highly qualified Naturopath from Southern School of Natural therapies, who is now fulfilling her dream to help those with their own health journeys. Her passion is helping people understand more about their own body and the clues it gives us to figure out the root cause of disease. Bridgit has a particular love for herbal medicine, nutrition and the wonderful healing powers of nature.

Her life journey so far has resulted in a few areas that she has a particular interest in:

  • Digestive complaints: bloating, diarrhoea, constipation
  • Female hormonal and reproductive disorders: PCOS, endometriosis, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, PMS
  • Skin health
  • Seasonal allergies (hay fever)
  • Fatigue

Not only can Bridgit provide Naturopathic consultations, she also offers Iridology assessments. Iridology is a naturopathic tool that studies the iris, sclera and pupil and their relationship to individual health dispositions. This tool enables greater understanding of the individuals genetic history and helps establish areas of the mind and body that might need extra nurturing and preventative health care. Iridology cannot diagnose health conditions or diseases but can give you indications of your overall health condition which enables greater structuring of treatment plans to optimise your wellness journey.

Contact: Bridgit Rouget
Phone: 0425 793 053

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