Brighton Window Cleaning


Does the dirt and ocean spray on your windows:

  1. make it impossible for you to enjoy your view?
  2. stop the sunlight coming in?
  3. create opaque windows that are usually plain clear glass?
  4. all of the above?

Then it’s time to call Brighton Window Cleaning.

We will find out exactly what you need done and then do everything possible to deliver exactly that. From the moment you call our office to the time you write a 5 star review, we help you every step of the way. Our super friendly staff will do (almost) anything to provide fast, high quality service that will have you wishing you had found us sooner.

Yes, we have experience, are reliable and promise satisfaction, but where we really excel is we are so darn friendly and helpful. We really like our job and want to create a beautiful space for you to live and work in.

Call us today and see for yourself.

Phone: 0430 647 115

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