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At Calm Health & Wellbeing we guide, teach and coach people in holistic self-care practices to find more calmness within their lives.

We believe in today’s environment to do this a person needs to address their overall physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

To help achieve this we provide the services of Effortless Meditation (a meditation practice that’s very simple, enjoyable and requires minimal to no effort due to our evidence-based technique) and Qigong (a slower, simpler version of Tai Chi which combines Breathwork and Mindfulness Movement).

We’ve found these practices greatly effective dealing with the mounting pressures experienced today to due stress, overwhelm, anxiety, poor sleep and the feeling of uncertainty by reaching a relaxed, calm state that can benefit mental health and emotional intelligence while increasing your resilience.

So, if you’re looking for help and tools to better your overall physical, mental and emotional health & well-being then please connect with us via the social links above.

We also provide these services to address the impacts of workplace stress on employees so please forward our details to who is responsible for your workplace wellness program, as we’d love to assist.

Contact: Richard Kelly
Phone: 0409 404 250


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