I see many clients with a fear of not knowing where to start, being overwhelmed with every style interior trend that’s on the go and still at the same spot not moving forward from when the last time they looked at it.

I’ll take you on the journey to move forward into your interior dream, With the background of 25 years styling hotels around the world, I create unique joyful interior escapes with soul for the residential homeowner & the hotel industry.

“I believe an interior should be an experience where it evokes joy, wellbeing and uniqueness. Passionate about home science, feng shui, original art, collections, sustainable products that are not mass market and my intuition about the client and how they will experience the interior. An interior should appeal to the 5 senses and never look staged and soul-less”.

What does it involve?

  • consultation where are you stuck? Measure or work from your plans
  • mood boards, product placement
  • a list of specifications and under retail price guides.
  • styling with or without existing products
  • your trades or mine
  • feng shui designed for health and well being

Contact: Louise Dammer
Phone: 0422 225 170

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Call me for a free 30-minute virtual consult.
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