Dendritika is a Melbourne-based, artwork and jewellery brand founded in 2020 by maker Melissa Cafarella. The desire to create pieces that bring about ‘aesthetic pleasure’ is integral to Dendritika.

The Dendritika name found its origins from the Greek word for trees: ‘δεντρα’ (dentra). The threads of Dendritika’s essence are woven with a deep respect for nature so it was necessary that a name be chosen to capture this.

Each product is hand crafted – usually from wood – by Melissa with love and care poured into every aspect of the process from design to manufacture. No two products are alike, due to the fact that no two trees are exactly the same. This means that when you take home a Dendritika piece, you take home your own part of nature.

In addition to our artwork and jewellery, Dendritika provides affordable cake toppers, plaques and photo engravings which make wonderfully unique gifts and we also make custom stamps for businesses.

Bridging the line between art and design, Dendritika strives to create a balance between luxurious and affordable products to adorn your body and home.

Contact: Melissa Cafarella
Phone: 0403 890 585

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