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At Higher Goals HR we can assist you in three key areas: Interview Coaching, HR Skills Training & Recruitment

1. Interview Coaching
Having conducted thousands of interviews across multiple industries I’ve seen it all and I 100% know what it takes to interview successfully.
My 1:1 session will focus on:
• Reviewing your current cover letter and resume
• Definitively addressing the key selection criteria
• Interview question practice
• Tailoring the coaching for a specific role and industry
• Advice on how to conduct yourself throughout the interview
• Lifting your confidence to 100% back yourself

With the new skill of interviewing like a pro you may even enjoy the process and say hello to your newfound career freedom.

1a. Interview Coaching & Career Assessment
All of the interview coaching inclusions plus a career direction survey and assessment which links interests and personality traits with specific industries.
You will be provided with an extensive list of roles within the industry match as well as a list of practical activities you can undertake to learn more about the role specifics. Most importantly, I will share how you can create openings for yourself in the new sector.
2. HR Skills Training
Staff are undoubtedly the company’s best asset so it’s therefore crucial that you are not only aware of how to recruit the best people but that you’re also well-equipped in training, performance managing and motivating the teams.
The three HR Skills Training sessions include:
• Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding
• Learning & Development
• Performance Management
This training will bridge the gap between having operationally excellent employees and fantastic people managers.
3. Recruitment
I will recruit the best fit candidate with the right technical skills, attitude and motivation to excel in the role by adopting rigorous testing techniques. These include psychometric testing, group problem solving activities, interviewing and skill testing which are all are tailored for specific roles, industries and seniority levels. Packages can also include executive searching and multiple hires.
My services include:
• Job Posting
• Executive Search
• Screening
• Interview
• Psychometric Test
• Cognitive Ability Test
• Skill Tests
• 2nd Round Interview
• Reference Checking
• Police Check
Contact: Joanna Klinge
Phone: 0423 667 452
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