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Being Wholehearted
Our mission is twofold.

1. Firstly we help young students -prep to year 3 – to become literate. Using the principles of Reading Recovery we teach children how to read and write in a way that enables them to improve their skills every time they read and write. Success builds success. And consequently self-esteem and self-belief.

2. Secondly it is to strengthen the bonds between children and parents by providing parents with strategies that help them be more conscious in their interactions with their kids.

When parents are consciously relating to their children they communicate un-conditional love, respect and value.

Children take great heed in the real connections and real sense of belonging that they gain within their home.

Ultimately, I am passionate about increasing children’s self-esteem and their self-trust so that they can cope with the many problems they face in the world.

Steven Covey says to “Begin with the End in Mind” – If you want connected teenagers then you start when they are toddlers. Build that sense of belonging –it is vital.

How do we achieve this?

We conduct regular workshops in the Bayside and Port Phillip area which empower parents with many useful strategies to connect more fully with their children.

Contact: Jan Hutton
Phone: 0403 313 451

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