Mystik River

Mystik River is a unique gallery offering an exclusive collection of decorative arts and sculptures by seven acclaimed Indian artists – R. Mani, Ram Kumar, V. Sompura, Akash Singh , Manish Singh and Utam Kumar. Holders of awards , our artist preserve the ancient tradition of Indian sculpting that has been passed over generations, from father to son.

Each sculpture at Mystik River is a masterpiece – absolutely authentic, handmade and one of a kind. Carved from high grade semi-precious stones and crystals that are sourced from all corners of the world such as Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India , they radiate grace and beauty all around.

Our larger size Sandstone and White Marble sculpture collection is perfect for outdoor settings such as gardens, terraces and balconies.

Whether you are looking for an elegant piece to enhance your interior decor, garden, or delight your friends and family with a unique gift – Mystik River is a must visit place.

Contact: Lolita Romanoff
Phone: 0458 854 898

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