Pilates Kids

Pilates Kids offers Pilates classes for primary aged children from 7 to 12 years. Classes cover and build upon the fundamentals of Pilates and each week we will build on our skill base while still covering the core principles of Pilates. Breath, Control, Flow, Concentration, Centering and Precision.

These are wonderful skills for movement but also apply to everything we do in our lives, and so are fantastic skills for kids to attain and a perfect value add to the many activities undertaken by children.

Pilates Kids classes are mat Pilates classes but include a wide variety of equipment to bring fun and interest to the class.

Classes are held in the Pilates Plus Fitness Group Fitness room located at 374 Highett Road, Highett. Classes are held on Thursdays at 4.15pm during school terms.

Contact: Annalisa Woolridge
Phone: 0409 417 007

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