Pole Divas Hampton

Welcome to Pole Divas Hampton, Melbourne’s original pole fitness studio. With 6 Pole Divas studios across Melbourne, we are all about empowering everyday women just like YOU to become your best, healthiest self.

We are home to some of Australia (and the world’s) best know pole dancers and aerialists, who are dedicated to helping you become the best pole dancer or aerialist you can be. You don’t need to be fit, flexible or strong to start. You just need to sign up, and before you know it…we’re sure you’ll be #addictedtopole just like hundreds of other Divas! Divas is an inclusive, fun, and supportive community. Start with our Into Offer – 5 casuals to try within 28 days for only $50!

Phone: 0402 260 852

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Try 5 classes within 28 days for only $50

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