Pressure Point Reflexology


I am a clinic based Reflexologist with twenty years experience. My practice is located at AMA Podiatry 81 McKinnon Rd McKinnon. I have recently relocated to McKinnon after working in Bentleigh for over 16 years.

Reflexology uses reflex points on the hands and feet that correspond to all parts of the body. I describe it as massaging the feet in a way that works on your whole body.

An extremely relaxing and supportive way of helping your body to return to its natural balance reflexology is a very gentle but very effective way of working with both mind and body. .

In addition to my clinic practice I also teach reflexology to small groups for self care and helping kids and family members deal with issues such as anxiety and other health challenges.

I work in general practice with clients who come for relaxation and stress release through to seasonal issues such as sinus and hay fever to women’s health especially in the area of menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Contact: Samantha Langridge
Phone: 0412 018 969

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