Sentence Construction

sentence construction

Creative Writing Classes for primary and secondary students, and adults.

Primary classes: Wednesday & Thursday 4.15 – 5.15.

Secondary classes: Wednesday 5.30 -6.45 (new secondary students).

Thursday 5.30-6.45 Advanced secondary student.

With an increased emphasis on well-being, the advantages of handwritten creative writing can’t be overlooked.

  • Encourages concentration and attention.
  • Strengthens the imagination.
  • Is a stress release.
  • Improves the memory.
  • Increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation.
  • Sharpens the brain and helps us learn.
  • Forces us to slow down.

I write because I LOVE IT; and I share this passion with FUN classes in a very supportive environment in my own writing room in Hampton.

Leeanne Vernon is the author of the top-selling Netball Dreamz series.

Contact: Leeanne Vernon
Phone: 0419 357 871

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