Sleep Gems

Sleep Gems provide a holistic approach to parenting support. We offer professional, supportive and practical advice to families experiencing difficulty managing their babies and young children in the comfort of their own homes.

We offer guidance and hands on support in:

  • Sleep routines and settling strategies
  • Feeding issues and introduction to solids
  • Early learning and play ideas
  • Behaviour management and guidance
  • Home safety

At Sleep Gems we acknowledge the sometimes difficult nature of parenting and work in partnership with the whole family to pace positive changes according to what feels comfortable to individuals involved.

We believe that parents are the experts in caring for and managing their own children’s individual strengths and abilities, but occasionally need some outside support when children challenge us with unsettled behaviours such as sleep patterns, feeding issues and tantrums.

Our practice follows the guidelines used in current “Attachment Theories”, where the relationships and mental health of the baby/child and parents are being constantly considered.

Contact: Lisa Arnott
Phone: 0412 342 348

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