Tighten Up

Tighten Up

At Tighten Up you are Coached by Qualified Health Professionals with over 30years of combined experience.

We are a Private, Independently Owned Boutique Studio based in St Kilda. All Training Sessions are pre booked to fit in with your busy schedule.

You won’t have worry about overcrowding, or need to wait for gym equipment to be available as we are not open for casual visits.

Our high standard of sanitising is maintained throughout the day, every item is sanitised before use. Appointment times for all sessions are spaced to allow for sanitising procedures.

With the option of our state of the art Private Boutique Studio or Virtual Sessions – there really are no valid excuses.

Is this you right now?
* Tired
* Stressed
* Not sleeping well
* Carrying extra weight
* Peri or Post Menopause
* Looking for a community
* Need help to be the best version of you

Whether it’s to be be able to lead a team at work or keep up with the family at home, we’ve helped our community be stronger, healthier and thriving.


Customised Training Solutions.
Suitable for beginners to advanced levels of fitness.
Morning or evening scheduled sessions
Monthly Goal Setting
Ongoing Postural and Movement Analysis
Monthly Body Composition Scan
Private Facebook Group
Monthly Recipe eBooks
Maximum of 6 people
We believe “Small” should be small in numbers, and BIG on Value and Service.

Targeted Training Solutions.
1 on 1 and 2 on 1 Private Training Sessions
Morning, afternoon or evening appointments
Personalised Coaching
Monthly Goal Setting
Ongoing Postural and Movement Analysis
Monthly Body Composition Scan
Private Facebook Group
Monthly Recipe eBooks

Our on site Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner provides in depth information about your body – Muscle Mass, Hydration levels, Symmetry, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Bio Age, plus more.

Body Composition Scans are available for purchase by anyone that is not our client, and includes an depth explanation and advice related to your scan.

Want to know more about yourself? We provide non invasive Epigenetic Profiling as an added service.

Drawing on 15 layers of science, the results assist with food and exercise recommendations and timing. Be reminded by your very own AI assistant when you need to move, the best times to be at your most creative or productive, and suggestions of recipes. The power is in your hands.

You will learn exactly how to achieve the results you desire.

We guarantee that we can help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

Contact: Jewelz Griffiths
Phone: 0418 263 786

Special Offer

We believe knowledge is power, and encourage better movement quality for everyone.

For any community hub member who purchases a Body Composition Scan for $44 you will receive a complimentary Postural and Movement screen (valued at $55) to help with moving you towards better health, fitness, sleep and life.


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