Wemco Driving School

  • Wemco Driving School. Est 1982-1996 Geelong
  • Re-Opened Melbourne 2012-2019
  • Manual and Automatic Lessons, refresher and overseas change overs.
  • Experienced Female Instructor. Working Albert Park, Bayside, City, Carlton, Monash. Meeting Points also.

Being the daughter of an ex London and Victorian Traffic Patrol Policeman, 20 years, who later built Wembley Driving School in Geelong. Employed 25 instructors in the 70ties/80ties, running for 15 years. 1979, Ken proposed Driver Education (ADE on website) Skid pan and for off road driver training in the late 70ties to be duplicated around Australia.
The Plan was abandoned by Government back then due to the dismay of many in the driving arena in Australia- we would not have had this problem today…

Therefore I have been brought up in the industry and kept track of all…which hasn’t changed.

I was driving pedal cart at 3, mini bikes at 6 and then a manual at 8 years, tractor at 10 years too. Heavy Licensed, DIA and DC Professional Chauffeur.

I worked with Ken Clasper in Wemco Driving School in 1986 for 10 years until the deregulation in 1993. Since worked in corporate Melbourne, car dealerships for 8 years and professional Chauffeur Driving for 10 years, driving 100,000 kms a year, in an industry where women don’t last and still don’t. In 2012 I reopened Wemco Driving School and have operated very successfully on my own 7 days a week.

I am passionate about producing a very good driver. I know manual driving, produces a better driver. I teach ”The System of Car Control” which is considered advanced driving and is neglected or not known by many. Also other advanced skills.

Driving is a matter of setting the foundations correctly and repetition. If this is not correct the driver will never reach their full potential and have faults that are potentially dangerous and fatal.

I have the experience to zone in on on all levels and situations. I am very understanding and lots of fun too.

You spend so much on education for 16/18 years plus, you need to make sure they are safe in the road not just one or two lessons here and there. They will have picked up your habits in this situation.

Many rules have changed since you obtained your license and when you engage in the FREE Keys2Drive lesson I will explain.

In my opinion the best drivers engage with an instructor that takes them places/situations, starting easy, and making it more difficult, city, trams, up ramps at Kings Way, off freeways, on freeways and constantly challenges them. Not just a straight drive building hours or in their own area or they are lost on their own. And that costs money and time.

Many kids, when I ask them “How’s it going with mum or dad state …”Oh dad shouts or mums hanging on to the handle!” They think it is them! And they don’t want to say that. And mum and dad want to be cool! A little secret..”They don’t particularly like driving with you!” Because they…shhhh tell me! Let me take the heat off you..or pay for an excess on an accident because I can assure you they won’t go back to driving for years later..when they need to obtain a license for work purposes.

If they are P Plate ready ask yourself would I give the the keys to my car? or if starting…Get it right from the beginning!

Call or SMS as I may be engaged on the road and I will reply ASAP.

Contact: Julie Clasper
Phone: 0450 563 180

Special Offer

FREE LESSON with fully licensed driver. Register with Keys2Drive, a federally funded driving program “Zero Harm on P Plates in the first 12 mths.” Open for those with Learner Permit with no overseas license.
Embark on your 120 hrs with correct driving skills from the beginning.
A number will be sent via text/email. Mum/Dad/Partner in the backseat. I will also explain road rules that have changed over the years that parents may not be aware of.
Call or SMS Julie with the Keys2Drive number and we will do a free lesson to see if you are P Plate ready or discuss how to tackle your 120 hrs.
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