Zen My Life

Zen My Life is a Professional Organizing Business offering an all-inclusive, wrap-around service to assist in decluttering and organising spaces within and around the home, office or business place.

Owner Edina Pilcher is a Bayside mum of two, with 20+ years in customer service, a lifetime of OCD (organising, clearing and decluttering) tendencies and a Masters of Counselling underway, to support the overall business vision.

Zen My Life aims to help clients declutter and clear their living and working spaces, recognizing the connection between one’s environment and state of mind and restoring balance to both.

Zen My Life offers end-to-end solutions for redesigning a space; from organising & decluttering, to assisting with storage solutions and styling, selling unwanted goods online and handyman services.

Contact: Edina Pilcher
Phone: 0491 638 280

Special Offer

25% off for all Bayside Community Hub members and all referred parties, plus an additional 25% off for successful* referrals. [*applied once the successful job is complete]

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