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Fresh Local Seasonal Bayside Produce

Amalocal seasonal produce is collected fresh from our local Bayside farmers and producers and delivered to your door the same day. Our produce is also competitively priced with our local supermarkets and green grocers…and delivered free.

Amalocal produce comes directly from our local Bayside farms. It tastes crisper, better and fresher.
Our produce has a higher nutritional value – fruit and vegetables begin to degrade from the moment they are picked – the sooner they are enjoyed the better the nutritional benefit.

AmaLocal produce also lasts longer at home than store bought produce, which has been in transit and storage for up to 7 days before consumption. This saves you money and reduces the amount of food that is wasted and sent to our local landfill.

Local produce generates the smallest environmental footprint of any produce – keeping our atmosphere and our beautiful Bayside environment clean and healthy. Our local farms are all within 50km (most within 20km) so food miles and vehicle pollution generated are significantly lower than other store bought produce.

We support our local Bayside farming families, so that they continue to thrive and farm in Bayside for now and for future generations.

Contact: Don Smith
Phone: 0423 922 097

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40% discount off your first order. Offer valid for new customers in the Bayside area.
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