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Has your pool or spa been inspected?

Did you know spa and pool fence inspections are compulsory in Victoria?

New regulations state that if you own a pool or spa, the barrier must be inspected every four years.


Welcome to Bayside Peninsula Pool Compliance, where pool safety takes precedence! Safeguarding your family is paramount, and our professional pool inspection service with a registered pool inspector is dedicated to providing you with a secure swimming environment at an affordable flat rate price.

Navigating the intricacies of pool inspections can be overwhelming, given the various standards, barrier types, and pool variations.

At Bayside Peninsula Pool Compliance, our licensed pool safety inspectors conduct thorough pool fence inspections. Upon the successful completion of our visit, we furnish you with a pool safety certificate and a comprehensive inspection report, ensuring your peace of mind.

We strive to achieve compliance with minimal disruption, collaborating with you and your trades/handypersons to determine the most efficient path to compliance.

Considerations such as construction costs, durable materials, site functionality, aesthetics, and adherence to council and government requirements are integral to our process. Our goal is to ensure compliance with the least amount of fuss, helping you navigate the complexities effortlessly.

Bayside Peninsula Pool Compliance is your partner in achieving pool safety certification and compliance. Let us help you create a secure haven, free from threats, so you can revel in your summer the way it should be – safe and carefree!

Contact: Leigh Harrington
Phone: 0403 577 254

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