Big Brown Boots Psychotherapy – Gestalt & Equine Assisted


A contemporary Gestalt Psychotherapy practice offering both trauma informed clinical room based sessions and outdoor Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning.

With a trauma informed approach, Gestalt Psychotherapy is a holistic framework that is sensitive and mindful of your attachment history, supports (both internal and external), your creativity in adapting to context, and choices. People typically undertake work with a psychotherapist for longer term work, which can be done in conjunction with your GP or other health professional.

Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning offers an interpersonal experience with a horse, or herd, for an attuned relational experience. Equine therapy is a well recognised therapeutic approach which can be particularly valuable for children and adolescents who present with anxiety, depression and/or difficulty in relating to others. Horses can be the engagement piece that provide regulation in their way of being present, and for comprehending trauma they demonstrate vigilance, action and rest.

This clinic specialises in:

  • trauma and abuse focused work (inc. domestic family violence)
  • regulation and healing for anxiety and depression
  • personal growth and connection

All sessions are confidential and after hours appointments are available.

Contact: Michelle van Kampen
Phone: 0407 718 700

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