Black Rock Lifesaving Club

Black Rock Lifesaving Club

At Black Rock Life Saving Club we provide a fun, family based environment in which to learn the principles of water safety, health, fitness, first aid, resuscitation and the aquatic environment.

The way we learn is simple; having fun with family and friends!

Opportunities exist for the whole family to exercise, coach, play, socialize, compete, gain awards and contribute to the community.

There are 3 categories designed to suit those aged 5-13 years (Juniors ‘Nippers’ and Junior Cadets) , 14-29 years (Seniors and Senior Cadets) and over 30 years (Masters).  During summer there are several beach-based activities run for all levels.

At the start of the 2014/15 season we introduced two innovative Cadet programs.  The Junior Cadet program (U12-14 secondary school nippers) with specialist coaching and mentoring enabling 13 year olds to achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate and become an Active Partol member.  In addition the Senior Cadet program (U15-17) was introduced with a focus on the smooth transition into the Senior group aged 18+

Our coaches are all volunteers.  Some are parents to current nippers, some are now in the Seniors group and actively patrolling as well as helping to teach and train new members and some are in the Masters with a wealth of personal experience and knowledge.

There are many ways to learn and have fun at the same time.  Nippers love being with other nippers and participating in beach and water games.  Those with a competitive spirit thoroughly enjoy the Carnivals, where they travel to different beaches within Victoria, with their friends and compete against other clubs.  Seniors and Masters enjoy the motivation of a training commitment with others and like the Nippers, for those who enjoy competing, there are local, interstate and even worldwide competitions to compete in.

And, it doesn’t stop with the end of summer!  During winter there are various training programs held at the Club to join in with along with pool training and pool competitions.  Again, there is something for all ages and all levels.

Phone (Patrol Hours): 9598 9571
Phone (Secretary): 0401 424 653

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