Dancefusion Performing Arts Academy


We strive to create an environment that encourages every dancer to be the best that they can be. With the help and guidance of our wonderful teachers, our students learn in the upmost professional manner while leaving each class with a smile. Our dancers, both recreational and those with the dream of seeing their name in lights, are nurtured and inspired by one another to reach for the stars!

At Dancefusion Performing Arts Academy, our classes are about more than just dance. Besides an amazing technical dance and performance education, our students get…

  • A safe space where they feel encouraged and supported to be their fabulous selves
  • An amazing faculty, dedicated to delivering the very best experience for their students.
  • A sense of belonging (so important!)
  • A chance to create life long friendships and surround themselves with students who share the same interest.
  • A chance to feel like a superstar in our MANY Dancefusion events and showcases.

Phone: 0409 938 636

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