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At Drone Pilot Pete, we deliver high quality content, every time.

Drone Pilot Pete was started by two Airline pilots during the Pandemic. You can have confidence that your job will be completed to the highest quality and safety standards.Our team is expanding with the addition of Mel and Karson, each bringing their unique talents. Learn more about them below:

Peter Jose
Founder of Drone Pilot Pete, PJ is an experienced airline pilot and instructor. Retired from the airlines PJ now keeps his connection to flight as the Chief Drone Pilot at Drone Pilot Pete. PJ is passionate about safely completing all drone jobs within the ever-changing regulations, to the highest standard for our clients.

Nick Thorne
When Nick isn’t in the flight deck of a 787 or surf foiling he is managing the admin and business development side of things at Drone Pilot Pete. He also specialises in fast-paced drone footage filming.

Mel Lyons
With many years experience in both drone piloting and photography, Mel endeavours to produce exceptional content with a variety of clients, big and small. When she isn’t flying a DJI M30T, she is doing 360’s atop a wake-surf board, locked into snow skis, or gliding along the Murray on a paddle-board. Mel’s efficiency in resolving issues creatively makes her an invaluable team player.

Karson Kilpady
Specialising in video editing, design and IT, Karson loves to take on any challenges thrown at him. Troubleshooting and refinement are his bread and butter. Bringing clients’ scope and vision to life through video and sound is what he does best.
With the help of our professional drone videography services, explore incredible footage from above. Get stunning aerial views, breath taking scenery, and dynamic footage to take your work to new heights.

Our highly trained drone pilots and cutting-edge tools guarantee flawless shots, exact positioning, and unmatched image quality. Let our drone videography take your vision to the skies and inspire your audience, whether it’s for real estate construction sites, wedding photography, Sports and events, site capture roof and solar inspection ,or advertising videos.

With our expert drone videography services, you can now elevate your Business by storytelling and produce visually stunning content.

Whatever your job is we make it happen. From no-fly zones to challenging site inspections, or fast-paced watersports action footage – we have you covered. We specialise in challenging drone flying, delivering high-resolution photos and videos that make everything look better from above!

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Contact: Peter Jose
Phone: 0413 596 581


15% off to new clients ongoing, if they use our services on a regular basis. Also,any new client receive a 15% discount on the first Aerial photography capture.
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