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My name is Tanya Stolyar and I welcome you to Equilibrium Studio!

Equilibrium Studio is not your normal Pilates Studio and it is not your normal hypnotherapy clinic.

You will experience Pilates classes as nowhere else, as it will feel more like a fun game rather than hard work, and it will almost feel like a 5 minute class rather than a boring one-hour class, and I promise, you will leave the studio full of energy and positive emotions.
I use hypnotic language while teaching Pilates, so you will be able to do things that you may have considered impossible in the past.

Why do I combine Pilates and Equilibrium Mind Management and hypnotherapy?

Because I strongly believe and absolutely agree with Joseph Pilates quote:
“The Pilates method of body conditioning reawakens and stimulates brain cells, stimulating further the functioning of the mind. “

I am a Pilates Trainer, a Hypnotist, NLPer and a Change Agent. I am passionate about helping people to create a positive change, helping people to explore different possibilities and open to new opportunities.

If you are curious to explore all the above with me, then I know I am going to hear from you soon.

Please contact via website or email for further information/enquiries

Contact: Tanya Stolyar
Phone: 0421 026 176


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