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Nutrition advice can be complex and confusing, and sorting real information from transient fads is hard work. Glowing Health Nutrition cuts through the hype to provide you with reliable, evidence-based advice that is effective and safe. It’s about using the best information available for your health – proven dietary recommendations, complemented with the ‘weight of evidence’ from newer scientific research. Get the best of both worlds!

Book in for attentive one-on-one consultations, where you are listened to, and time is taken to understand your complete health history. You’ll be encouraged to talk about your health and nutritional goals, and any specific conditions you may have. And it’s an overriding aim to work with your lifestyle, dietary and cultural preferences.

Services include

  • Weight loss advice and programs
  • Healthy eating education
  • Sports nutrition advice
  • Nutrition for anxiety and depression
  • Disordered eating behaviour counseling
  • Mature-age nutrition
  • Nutrition for special needs

Good nutrition should be readily available to everyone, so education about your condition or targeted area is an important part of coming to Glowing Health Nutrition. After all, complementary medicine believes the practitioner is teacher!

Change takes time, though, and that’s how we work with you, to give it the best chance of lasting. Manageable changes to your diet, allowing for your personal eating preferences, and ensuring the best choices are provided for optimising your health.

Whole Foods. Best Choices. Personalised Service. Evidence-based Advice. Why not book in to talk about the health changes you’re looking for.

Appointments are available directly online or via phone.

Contact: Rick Lapeyre
Phone: 0414 825 015


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