Higher Truth

Higher Truth

“I’m trying to sleep and my mind is still racing!

It’s happening more, and the lack of sleep is leaving me exhausted.

Sometimes, I feel anxious or nervous when I try to do simple things, things that I used to do all the time…”

Sound familiar?

These could be the early signs of “anxiety”.

Unlike a flu or a fever, most people (and the people around them) can’t really tell when it hits.

“I’ve just noticed that the quality of my sleep is getting worse, my productivity is dropping, and I’m not really feeling excited about things around me anymore.”

You may know someone having these experiences and it’s okay.

On average 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety (Source: Beyond Blue).

If your sleep is suffering and life is getting harder, maybe you feel tired all the time, even though there’s not really anything happening, there’s a free 5 step guide you can download from the website or you can book in for a chat about what you’ve been experiencing:


P.S. I help people in Melbourne end depression, anxiety and insomnia naturally without any medication.

Contact: Michael Paterson
Phone: 9598 9623

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