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Welcome to House of Calm, the ultimate solution for decluttering and organising your home or office space. Creating organised, calm and inspiring spaces, we work with clients to set up functional, sustainable systems for all ages to help maintain order and calm in households and businesses.

Our Services
We’re the experts in making the best use of your space, helping you to declutter, organise and style your home or office. We also love setting you up in your new home or office from day one so you can focus on the important stuff!

  • Decluttering + Organising
  • Property Styling
  • Home + Office Relocation

The Process
Are you ready to take the next step? An organised space reduces stress and anxiety and allows clients to live a less chaotic life, giving them back more time to spend with the people they love doing the things that bring them joy.

Discovery Call
We start with a 15 minute no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.

We book a 30 minute Onsite or Virtual Consultation.

We provide a quote once the Consultation is completed.

Project Install
The best bit! Time to declutter, organise and style your space.

Let’s do this! We look forward to working with you and creating your very own House of Calm!

Contact: Mel
Phone: 0424 402 163


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