Jack and Jill Kindergarten

Jack and Jill Kindergarten

At Jack and Jill Kindergarten our focus is on play based learning. The Kindergarten program caters to individual needs and offers equipment and activites that are appropriate to your child’s stage of development.

Kindergarten will help your child become more aware of the world around them. It helps promote language development as well as intellectual, physical and emotional skills. It helps build confidence and social skills and provides an opportunity for your child to develop a strong sense of self in a safe and nuturing environment.

In 2010 the Kindergarten was awarded a $75,000 government grant to upgrade our outdoor play area. The result ensures our children are able to learn in an area that is an example of best practice on early childhood outdoor play areas.

The Kinder is supported and run by a dedicated parent committee who run all matters regarding the Kindergarten and its staff. We work in conjunction with Bayside Council.

Contact: Kindergarten Director
Phone: 9589 1042

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