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At Made by Jane, we bring the healing and nourishing power of the garden to your home, or outdoor space.
We create holistic Recovery Gardens and Edible Gardens, big and small:

GARDEN MAKEOVERS – Whether you are recovering from stress, illness, or simply needing a place to refresh and reboot, our Therapeutic Garden Design can support you and those you care for. Let us introduce you to the enormous therapeutic benefits of nature with a personalised Recovery Garden.

SMALL SPACE GARDENS – A great solution for renters and/or first-time gardeners. A wonderful gift for a special occasion. Our feature wine barrel or fruit crate gardens, provide an easy-to-manage garden, with minimal impact on your home’s existing landscape. We design and create your small-space garden to suit you, your space, and your lifestyle. A garden full of flowers, herbs and maybe even home-grown produce.

BASKET GARDENS – When you need a gift that is both personal and unique.
Our “Basket Gardens” are the perfect way to show that special someone, how much they mean to you.

Living, breathing mini-gardens, our baskets are planned and created with the same holistic design and biodiverse planting principles as our Garden Makeovers and our Small-space Gardens.

All basket gardens have a selection of established plants – flowers, herbs and spices, together in a bespoke display basket.

Contact: Jane Symon
Phone: 0409 009 464


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