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The PH Solicitor’s team are seasoned professionals who represent employees and employers in cases dealing with employment and workplace law in Victoria. We assist sole traders, small business, enterprise business and employees with settling or litigating redundancy and unfair dismissal cases; workplace harassment or discrimination cases; and provide general employment and workplace counsel.
We have experience acting for clients in a wide variety of industries including IT, beauty, professional service providers and sporting organisations.

Our experience and what we do:

*We can assist in drafting employment contracts for all levels of employees, including casuals, part-time, full time and contractor agreements.
*We can review existing employment contracts and provide recommendations for changes to align with legislative requirements.

Workplace Policies:
*We can draft workplace policies and procedures. These can be a useful resource for employers to clearly articulate the expectations of employees and the environment within which the business operates.
*We can review existing workplace polices and provide advice to improve these policies to align with legislative and industry changes.

Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment:t
*The firm has acted in a number of discrimination matters in employment and sport, including within AFL Clubs, claims in VCAT and the Human Rights Commission against sporting bodies.
*We have experience with the management of bullying, harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace as well as preventative measures including workplace polices, ongoing staff training and awareness of the employment landscape.

Settlement Agreements:
*Our firm can assist with negotiating exit packages for outgoing employees and protections that can be afforded to the employer through settlement agreements. We can assist with the termination packages and employee entitlements through to drafting the settlement agreement.

*We have experience in providing advice to employers restructuring the business and impact on employees with regards to redundancy, and managing that process.

Courts, Commissions and Tribunals:
*We have experience representing both employers and employees in the Fair Work Commission (unfair dismissals and general protections cases), Federal Circuit Court, Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates Court and VCAT.
*We have experience representing employers/companies in the Australian Human Rights Commission and Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission, in both discrimination and harassment matters.

Seminars and Training:
*We can deliver seminar presentations tailored to the business needs. This can enable managers and employees to understand their obligations under legislation and applicable modern award requirements.
*We can provide training to management on how to effectively handle workplace issues, including how to conduct investigations, how to undertake performance management and effective termination while minimising the risk of legal proceedings.

*We have drafted policies in child safety, bullying and harassment, codes of conduct, constitutions and board procedure, including investigation and disciplinary processes.

*We have advised employers on the investigation process and considerations to be made throughout the process to afford procedural fairness.
*We have conducted a number of investigations including breaching of internal codes of conduct, breach of governance rules and general misconduct. We have also provided advice and guidance throughout workplace investigations through to disciplinary proceedings including formal warnings, no substantiated allegations, and termination.

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