Ready Steady Speech


Ready Steady Speech is a trusted speech pathology practice in Bentleigh committed to nurturing children’s confident, clear, and expressive communication. Our practice specialises in providing speech pathology services, catering to each child’s unique needs.

At Ready Steady Speech, or services encompass:

  1. Articulation Therapy. We excel in helping children improve speech clarity by accurately pronouncing sounds and words.
  2. Stuttering Intervention. Madi is trained in the Lidcombe program to reduce stuttering and support children in speaking fluently and with confidence.
  3. Literacy Support. We offer expert guidance to build robust literacy skills, and reading and spelling proficiency
  4. NDIS access. If your child meets the criteria to attain NDIS support, Madi can help you get there through assessment sessions and letters of support.
  5. Kinder Screeners. Unsure if your child is hitting their speech and language milestones before starting school? After a short assessment session, Madi can provide insight into how your child is developing in terms of speech sounds, expressive and receptive language, fluency, and social skills.
  6. Prep Readiness School Holiday Programs. Get your child ready for Prep with a small group holiday program run by a Speech Pathologist. The sessions will cover a range of goals including language, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and classroom rules.

Immediate availability but spots are filling quickly.

Contact: Madi Thompson
Phone: 0426 449 725


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