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Renee’s transformational work is quick to help couples through all stages of their relationship ups and downs. She says we need to be kind to ourselves when we find ourselves in a bit of a relationship funk. We didn’t go to Relationship University and graduate with a certificate that says ‘I am marriage material’ nor did we come out with a degree in communication and clear understanding of the opposite sex.’ So is it any wonder why we need some extra help in this area?

Her area of expertise is in all matters of the heart:

  • Compassionate Communication workshops
  • Relationship Breakthroughs that stop a divorce and reignite the passion
  • Affair Repair and Recovery
  • Relationship Mediation – to get a resolution on conflict

For those who are going through a divorce, Renee has a very different approach so that families can present a united front to their children so they don’t need therapy to heal from a high conflict divorce.

Services include :

  • Strategic Separation Consults
  • Separation Success – The Family Therapy all families need prior to the negotiations to protect their children from conflict
  • Family Law Mediation – standard mediation hour by hour or packages are available

Renee also works closely with Corporate needs and wellbeing programs to help executives and CEOs with staff who are going through breakups and divorce to keep focus and productivity at work.

Contact Renee via phone or email for enquiries and bookings.

Contact: Renee Catt
Phone: 0408 001 007

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