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Experience the Lifelong Beauty of Persian Rugs at Home

At Rug & Rug, we specialize in curating a diverse collection of premium Persian rugs, showcasing a wide range of designs. From semi-traditional to vintage, abstract, and modern, we offer a variety to accommodate different tastes. Persian rugs are renowned for their supreme quality and durability, and we are proud to uphold these standards.

Our vintage design rugs are a unique fusion of traditional elegance and modern asymmetry. This innovative approach has gained rapid popularity among enthusiasts of both modern and traditional home decor, thanks to its timeless appeal.

Our collection harmoniously blends the timeless charm of Persian craftsmanship with contemporary designs, catering to the diverse tastes of our customers. While our rugs are machine-made, they are meticulously crafted to maintain a handmade appearance; A perfect fusion of elegance, quality, and affordability, while upholding the Persian authenticity.

Made from stain-resistant materials, they are easy to maintain and wash, making them an ideal fit for high-traffic living spaces. Its antistatic property means pet hairs and lint won’t readily adhere to the fibres, making vacuuming much easier. The soft feel of our rugs is perfect for a family environment and gifts comfort and warmth to your floors for a life-time.

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