Southern Animal Health

Southern Animal Health

Southern Animal Health’s philosophy as been born from a belief that modern marketing has gone too far and lost the actual best interests of our pets. As a result, our group of like minded veterinarians established this clinic in order to return to a more balanced and sensible approach to both preventative medicine, and also the diagnosis and treatment of an unwell pet.

The other concern that has evolved of recent times are the exorbitant costs of after-hours emergency centres and specialist centres. Many “general practices” continue to reduce their hours and services, instead referring to these centres.

Our clinic offers extended hours 7 days per week, along with highly skilled veterinarians whose main areas of interest are advanced medicine and surgery. This enables our patients to remain within the clinic they come to know and trust. Our future aim is to become one of Melbourne’s only general practices to actually offer 24 hour care within our own clinic for inpatients.

The final concern we have is the ever increasing costs of general practice itself. With “modern marketing” draining many pet owners finances, often pet owners cannot afford insurance, and hence make “financial based” decisions when their pet actually suffers serious injury or illness. As such, our staff have encouraged all our clients to “give up” the excessive products recommended in routine pet health that we are unconvinced are beneficial, and instead use these savings to do something that really will help your pet one day: insure them!

We have shown thousands of pet owners how to get their pets insured, often just using the savings from products they were using, but didn’t really need. It is now becoming commonplace for pet owners to have insurance, and as veterinarians we are extremely happy when costs are not a factor when offering the best diagnostic and treatment options that are available these days to help your pet recover from serious illness.

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