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Network Stylist Bridget Bell wants to bring the celebrity styling experience to the everyday woman, delivering the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to their wardrobe regardless of budget or location.

As an industry expert who has styled over 150 celebrity shoots, television shows and events, Bridget is known for nailing the brief no matter the silhouette, budget, creative vision or time frame.

Bridget now helps executives, working mums and entrepreneurs ‘nail their own styling brief’ through shoppable videos and styling boards, virtual styling sessions and wardrobe edits all from the comfort of their own home.

She is your personal style expert and shopping specialist teaming with trade secrets, exclusive retail discounts, VIP experiences and industry styling tips that until now, have only been shared with celebrities, actors and presenters!

Mirroring the level of professionalism Bridget displays in her Television and Publicity Styling work, her personal styling clients experience the same comprehensive styling approach; Briefs, visions, aspirational style boards, brand and product recommendations and outfit curation, elevated by Bridget’s extensive technical design skills, knowledge of patterns, cuts, fabrics and shapes.

Bridget lives for the tell tale sign a client LOVES her new look; when they make that subconscious ‘strike a pose’ action in front of the mirror, she knows she nailed the brief!

Contact: Bridget Bell
Phone: 0417 258 425

Special Offer

A free 20 minute STYLE CONSULTATION face to face over zoom or facetime. You may ask about your current style dilemmas or you need help with an outfit for an interview. Maybe when styling a special look from your own wardrobe or something you have purchase and you just need that expert advice to finish the look. I am here to help and provide my expert styling knowledge. I look forward to styling you!
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