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Life coaching with a difference.

What’s different about my coaching? I believe that being close to nature and in the great outdoors lowers stress levels and makes you feel open and alive, which is why both my clients and I love my “Walk and Talk” sessions. These sessions are great for people who have busy lives and wish to combine both exercise and coaching… with the added benefit of helping people to feel healthier and fitter.

All of my clients who do the “Walk and Talk” sessions say they feel comfortable and more relaxed talking whilst walking and say they get more out of it! The walks can take place at the beach, gardens or streets of Bayside!

Whichever one of my coaching sessions you decide is right for you, I recommend that your first session would be 90 minutes long and subsequent sessions of 60 minutes. Between sessions, my promise to you is that I’ll keep you on track and make you accountable for your new direction or commitments.

Other areas I specialize in are:

  • Lifestyle coach (healthier, organized and outlook)
  • Relationship coach (parenting, family and life partner)
  • Business coach (small business or new business)
  • Financial coach (career, retirement and advancement)

Contact: Suzy Green
Phone: 0422 334 021

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