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Life unfolds in numerous stages, each signaling a fresh start for the next chapter. At TPN, we’re here to assist in prevention, healing, and recovery through the nourishing embrace of nutritious foods that cater to both body and soul. Our philosophy underscores the idea that balance is a multi-dimensional concept.

We prioritize understanding the essence of what enters the body, considering it vital to harness nutrition and food as a form of medicine to support the body’s intricate systems. Whole foods, clean water, and gut-supportive condiments, herbs, and spices are revered for their significant power in maintaining a harmonious balance.


In the intricate seek of health, the pivotal role of good nutrition and food as medicine takes center stage, especially during treatment. This is precisely where our support comes into play. Confronting illness, navigating treatment, or embarking on the road to recovery can be an overwhelming journey. Whether it’s grappling with the challenges of chemotherapy, undergoing a transplant, managing kidney disease, wrestling with diabetes, combating autoimmune conditions, navigating ulcerative colitis, navigating menopause, addressing pre-natal concerns, striving for weight loss, or contending with the lingering effects of long covid, each path presents its unique set of hurdles, often accompanied by the common thread of inflammation.

For some, the journey is about finding stability in the face of adversity, while for others, it necessitates a profound and holistic lifestyle change. Crucially, the process extends beyond the immediate struggle—building the immune system becomes paramount after undergoing treatment, recovering from illness, receiving a transplant, or experiencing childbirth.

Regrettably, within the confines of hospitals, nutrition plans are frequently relegated to the background, with the optimal levels of nourishment, enthusiasm, and love infused into meals falling short of their true potential. TPN’s mission is to bridge this gap, ensuring that every aspect of the healing journey is embraced, including the often overlooked but immensely powerful role of nutrition.

On a lighter but equally important note regarding this approach to food, you might simply want help resetting and falling back in love with healthy eating. TPN is here for it all, and our ‘Fresh Start’ Program is designed for this. The importance of balancing a daily diet and engaging in physical activity for overall health and well-being is emphasized. While exercise is essential, without healthy eating, one cannot fully benefit, and vice versa. A holistic approach is offered to educate individuals on incorporating healthy eating and exercise into their lifestyle. An individualized plan is created to achieve specific goal.


After extensive research, it was discovered that while there is plenty of advice available, there is a lack of hands-on education.

In short, what is the “Fresh Start” offering?

Initial Consultation:

This consultation focuses on your current health complaints, bodily systems, dietary intake, lifestyle factors, a review of medical/family history, medication, and appropriate physical examinations.

Pantry Cleanse:

A deep dive into your current pantry setup. From the information you provided in the consultation, we can flag anything you may want to avoid, as well as adding the 10 essential items every pantry should have.

Meal Planner:

You will receive a three-week meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus amazing snacks, and treats. This comes in an easy-to-read step-by-step PDF, which you can view on your tablet or devices or even print them out for those household favourites. You will also have unlimited support for any questions that may come up.

1:1 Cooking Classes:

Time to roll up sleeves together and create. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute novice or a culinary whiz. In the 4-hour session, you will learn the tricks and tips to make meal preparation and planning a joyful and easy practice, instilling confidence in adopting a new lifestyle.

Final Consultation:

Sitting down to gauge feelings about the transition. Look at how you are feeling, opening up to what has worked and how you can implement this Fresh Start into your everyday practice.


The ultimate objective of the ‘Fresh Start’ is to empower individuals for success and foster a positive shift in their relationship with food. Recognizing the importance of planning and prevention, especially for those with a family history of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, or high blood pressure, we offer support in the form of simple meal planning or private cooking classes. These resources aim to guide individuals on a path that aligns with their health objectives and ensures a proactive approach to long-term well-being.

Contact: Nadia Montebelli
Phone: 0412 657 268


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