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MORTGAGE BROKERS who understand tradespeople

As a tradesperson, your business, finances and lifestyle are unique. You need mortgage brokers who understand the pressures you face and the future you want to create.

Tradies Finance are the only Melbourne mortgage brokers who specialise in mortgages, home loans, business loans and all areas of finance for tradespeople. So to make your finances a whole lot easier, get in touch with Tradies Finance.

We offer brokerage services

Our brokerage services give you access to the widest range of retail loans on offer. Our reputation with banks, wholesale lenders and mortgage insurers means we are able to broker loans that suit your needs. Our team has the experience, knowledge and connections to give you the very best service around.

We work for you, not for a bank

This is crucial. Banks are major lenders – there is no doubt about that. We research and understand their products as much as any other lender. But our aim is to find the best product for you – NOT the best product for a lender’s profit margin!

We’re ‘loan nerds’. We have the time to attend to every detail. And it’s our attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Phone: 1300 556 840

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