Well Heeled Podiatry

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Located within Contagious Enthusiasm Wellness Centre, Well Heeled Podiatry is a sports podiatry clinic specialising in ankle, heel, foot and bunion pain.

We offer unique and effective treatment options, such as Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapies, Shockwave Therapy (proven to reduce heel pain in 70-80% of cases) Tool-assisted Massage, Prolotherapy, Dry Needling and Ingrown Toenail Surgery.

Our tailored rehabilitation programs to stretch and strengthen your lower limb muscles, sports-specific footwear advice, and return to activity programs are just some of the services we offer our patients to get them moving and feeling better again.

We will also assess the way that you stand and walk and determine if your foot posture is contributing to your pain and discomfort.

We manufacture customised foot orthotics, using the latest in 3D scanning technology, and take the time to really listen to your needs.

We are passionate about foot health and getting our patients well and active again.

Phone: 9502 0650

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